Lettuce wraps with cauliflower rice

Second day or third day stew often tastes better than when it is served fresh. With my Moroccan lamb stew, the dried apricots sweetened the thick broth while the lamb became extra tender, but still created a nice contrast with the crunch of the sliced almonds. The leftover stew also lent itself to be a […]

Blueberry banana pancakes

When is breakfast for dinner not a good idea? Plus it’s “Våffeldagen” or Waffle Day in Sweden to mark the start of spring! I know, not the same thing, but I don’t have a waffle iron. My roommate whipped up these fluffy pancakes from her grandmother’s recipe. Thanks Mrs. Plunkie! Dry ingredients 1 1/2 cup all purpose […]

Cilantro shrimp tortilla (for two)

A bunch of leftover cilantro and a blender obsession… Ingredients 1/2 bunch cilantro 4 corn tortillas (small) 1 cup shrimp, thawed and peeled 1 red pepper, sliced 1 lime 1 tbsp fresh ginger 1 tsp coconut oil In a blender, pulse together cilantro, juice of one lime and ginger. I added about 1/3 cup of water […]

Boiled eggs and soldiers (for two)

Quick and healthy morning meal. Especially when you’ve slept in and your breakfast is actually brunch. My boyfriend reminisced about his grandparents’ house in Yorkshire while we dipped our toasty soldiers. My roommate sipped coffee and swooned over Yeats. Is there a more perfect Sunday morning? Ingredients 2 large eggs 2 slices of multi-grain bread […]