Prosciutto egg cups

So simple. Especially for a breakfast on the go, or brunch! Recipe makes one dozen. Ingredients 300 grams Canadian prosciutto 12 eggs 1/2 cup arugula Preheat oven to 350 F. Arrange the beautifully marbled slices of prosciutto into muffin tins. Add 2-3 leaves of arugula into each cup. Crack an egg into each. Bake for about 15 […]

Lettuce wraps with cauliflower rice

Second day or third day stew often tastes better than when it is served fresh. With my Moroccan lamb stew, the dried apricots sweetened the thick broth while the lamb became extra tender, but still created a nice contrast with the crunch of the sliced almonds. The leftover stew also lent itself to be a […]